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Sales Kickoff - August 2016 Recap

Posted by Anika Harvey

Aug 26, 2016 2:00:00 PM


How does SteelBrick do Sales Kickoff?

SKO Week in Review


Last week our Sales, Sales Ops, Leadership, Product, Services, Customer Success, Marketing and Solution Engineering teams all got together in Chicago to gear up for the second half of the year.

3 breakfasts, 2 lunches, a few rain showers and a couple of drinks later, SteelBrick is recharged and ready to take on the rest of 2016. Share in the excitement with us as we take a look back on our latest SKO.


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Product Configurator Software: What To Look For

Posted by Frank Sohn

Aug 18, 2016 2:00:00 PM


Editors Note: This blog was authored by Frank Sohn– President and CEO, Novus CPQ.


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How to Simplify Your Invoicing Processes

Posted by Anika Harvey

Aug 17, 2016 11:00:00 AM


The more complex your invoicing processes become, the more there is standing between your latest closed deal and cash in your bank account.


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How Salesforce Measures Its Most Important Sales Metrics

Posted by Patrick Blair

Aug 11, 2016 1:37:44 PM


Editors Note: This blog was authored by Patrick Blair– EVP, Commercial Sales, Salesforce.  


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14 Years of SteelBrick

Posted by Anika Harvey

Aug 9, 2016 1:25:15 PM


SteelBrick Timeline Infographic

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5 Signs Your Quoting Process Is Too Complex

Posted by Anika Harvey

Aug 2, 2016 2:00:56 PM


What’s your sign?



It’s a confusing question. While you’re out there looking for a sign, consider that your horoscope might not be the only indicator of a need for change. For many businesses, life is made a lot easier when they start taking time to notice the symptoms of an overly complex quoting process demanding simplification.


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How Salesforce Coaches Its Sales Leaders

Posted by Mike Wolff

Jul 27, 2016 12:42:01 PM

Editors Note: This blog was authored by Mike Wolff– SVP, Commercial Sales, Salesforce.  



Congrats. You’ve successfully brought in a sales leader who is going to propel your sales team to greatness. Not so fast. You’re job is not done. As I’ve learned firsthand in my dozen-plus years in the Salesforce sales organization, it is essential you continue to coach your hire on the characteristics they need to develop and the expectations you have of them. 

Below I’ve broken out the 10 categories I emphasize when coaching my direct reports:


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Do You Need Better Sales Quotes?

Posted by Anika Harvey

Jul 21, 2016 1:22:18 PM


“Pretend that every single person you meet has a sign around his or her neck that says, ‘Make me feel important.’ Not only will you succeed in sales, you will succeed in life.”

-Mary Kay Ash


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SteelBrick is Enterprise-grade CPQ

Posted by Rob Nieset

May 31, 2016 10:30:00 AM


Complexity. It’s the first term that comes to mind when you think of an enterprise-scale business. On the revenue side, complexity appears in everything from product and service offerings to the quote-to-cash process to the methodologies sales reps utilize to get deals closed.

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‘Customer Success Summit’ Sponsor EDL Consulting Takes Complexity Out of Partner Channels

Posted by Will Wiegler

May 6, 2016 7:31:26 AM


EDL Consulting helps organizations become more efficient, adaptive to change and successful by solving the complex systems integration issues behind state-of-the-art technology. At the recent SteelBrick Customer Success Summit, they led a discussion on how to enable channel partners by combining SteelBrick CPQ and Salesforce Community Cloud.

“The future of CPQ is SteelBrick!” 

Ben Kerford and Jordan Bartow, both Managing Directors at EDL, dove into the topic quickly, pointing to the challenges of channel sales and partnerships.

“The partner channel is complex and busy,” Ben explained. “You have vendors, manufacturers, different people, different levels, distributors, resellers, and then you have partner programs and more. What we want to help with is how companies take this complexity and simplify it using technology.”

To illustrate the power of channel management, EDL provided details on their work with Mitsubishi Electric, including how SteelBrick helped them cut quote approval time from 2 days to 2 hours, spend 80% less time managing contractors, and boost partner deal flow by 30%.

But many companies are still far away from that level of automation.

“We are talking to companies that, literally, are running their channel sales on the back of a napkin,” added Jordan. “These are big companies, and they’re way behind the curve.”

The team then asked the question, “Where is CPQ going?”



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